St Marys Ontario Cenotaph
south side of cenotaph
North side photo Eric M Abendana
John A Black
Albert Bodenham
Frank Berry
George C Bolster
Horace Brewer
Colin L Cameron
James Cook
Clesson J Dickinson
George Dunham
Frank Ellis
William L Evans
John C Evans
Alexander Freeman
Frank W Finnie
Kenneth Grant

West side photo
Samuel Gough
James Gough
George J Gooding
John Graham
Frank Halls
Wm. Hannaberry
Noble Johnston
Albert Lewis
Everett Langford
Norman Martin
Harvey Martin
Robert T Matthew
Trevor C Montizambert
Wm. Earl McMaster
William McConnell
John Moore

South Side (Shown)

William Near
Frank Near
Lionel S Nutt
James O'Connell
William Pettigrew
Clarence W Robson
Russell K Rundle
Frederick Render
James M Richardson
Charles Richardson
Bert P Robinson
Arnold Stapleton
Murton Shore
Archibald Skinner
William Sweeney
Frank R Sinclair
Herbert Stubbins

East side photo
Cecil J Sandercock
Wm G Sandercock
Sidney Taylor
Fred J Todd
James Taggart
Joseph Taylor
Sheldon Uffelman
Lorne A Volker
William Wood
Wm J Wright
James F Webster
Robert Walton
Frederick Wild
E A Webb
George H Wiltshire
Stanley Walpole

This memorial is just east of the Town Hall on Queen Street.

The Dedication Service took place in November 1921.

Before it was built, the other memorial considered was a public hall that would have been home to the Great War Veterans Association (forerunner of the Canadian Legion).   The St Marys Opera House was available but this option was rejected in a community referendum.   The other locations considered for the cenotaph were west of the Town Hall on Church Street and on the Central School grounds.

The cenotaph today leads to the 1988 extension to the library and the reading garden added in 2005.   Just to the right of this photo is a tree with a plaque that reads:   'This tree has been planted by the landed Dutch emigrants on May 5, 1985 in thankful memory of the liberation of the Netherlands in 1945 by the Canadian Forces'

On the wall of the Town Hall is the
World War II plaque
A S Martin, H Payne and J W Payne, who also died in World War I, are listed on a
Memorial plaque

A Rock of Remembrance was placed in front of the Royal Canadian Legion to commemorate 2005 the Year of the Veteran.   Each Remembrance Day there is a parade from the Legion preceding a service at the cenotaph.


The 28th Regiment (Perth Infantry) was organized in 1866 with headquarters in Stratford.   No.3 Company was based in St Marys.   At the start of the First World War, the then Minister of Militia, Sam Hughes, ignored the existing mobilization plan that would have called up Canada's militia, in favour of creating new battalions.   As such, the 28th Regiment was not sent as an existing unit.

During the winter of 1915-16, the new 110th Battalion "Perth's Own" recruited volunteers but like other county battalions was broken up almost as soon as it reached England.   Most of the men who enlisted in the 110th in Perth County saw action in either the 58th Battalion or the 4th Canadian Mounted Rifles.   After the end of the war, virtually all of the new battalions were disbanded and the old numbered militia units were revived including the 28th Perth Regiment.